Folgers Hazelnut Ground Coffee (6 x 326g)

Indulge in the rich, aromatic blend of Folgers Hazelnut Ground Coffee. Each package contains six 326g (11.5 oz) containers of this delightful coffee, perfect for coffee enthusiasts and those seeking a touch of nutty sweetness in their morning cup.

Folgers Hazelnut Ground Coffee is a carefully crafted blend of medium-roast coffee beans, expertly infused with the warm, inviting flavor of roasted hazelnuts. This harmonious combination offers a smooth and velvety coffee experience with a subtle, natural sweetness.

Start your day right or enjoy a relaxing coffee break with the comforting aroma and inviting taste of Folgers Hazelnut Ground Coffee. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or simply love a delicious cup of coffee, this pack provides convenience and flavor in one.

Order now and elevate your coffee experience with Folgers Hazelnut Ground Coffee. Experience the pleasure of a premium coffee blend that's perfect for any occasion.

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