New York Style

New York Style Everything Bagel Crisps (6 x 170g)

Savor the unmistakable taste of the Big Apple with New York Style Everything Bagel Crisps. This bundle includes six bags, each filled with 170g of these flavorful and crunchy bagel crisps, providing you with a delightful and versatile snacking experience.

🍽️ Deliciously Versatile: New York Style Everything Bagel Crisps capture the essence of a classic New York everything bagel. Their versatility makes them an ideal companion for dipping, topping, or enjoying straight from the bag.

🧄 Bold and Savory: These crisps are generously seasoned with a mix of garlic, onion, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds, delivering a bold and savory flavor that's a true tribute to the iconic New York bagel.

🏙️ New York Deli Vibes: Channel the spirit of a New York deli with each bite. These crisps are the perfect choice for adding a touch of the city's culinary charm to your snacking moments.

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