Baker's Angel Flake Coconut (10 x 198g)

Elevate Your Creations with Baker's Angel Flake Coconut (10 x 198g)

  • Baking Marvel: Baker's Angel Flake Coconut, a cherished ingredient, adds a delightful tropical touch to your culinary creations, sweet or savory.

  • Ample Supply: With ten bags, each containing 198g of angel flake coconut, you're well-prepared to infuse your dishes with exotic flavor and texture.

  • Tropical Elegance: Baker's Angel Flake Coconut brings the essence of the tropics to your kitchen, whether you're baking macaroons, sprinkling on oatmeal, or enhancing your favorite curry.

  • Versatile Wonder: From sweet desserts to savory dishes, this coconut offers endless culinary possibilities, allowing you to explore a world of flavors.

  • Trusted Quality: With a legacy spanning decades, Baker's is a name synonymous with quality and authenticity, ensuring that every bag maintains the highest standards.

Elevate your culinary creations with Baker's Angel Flake Coconut. With every sprinkle, you're adding a touch of tropical paradise to your dishes.

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