General Mills

Chex Mix Savory Traditional Snack Mix (12 x 248g )

Rediscover the classic taste of Chex Mix Savory Traditional Snack Mix. This bundle includes twelve bags, each generously filled with 248g of this timeless and savory snack mix, offering you a satisfying and familiar snacking option.

🍲 Traditional Comfort: Chex Mix Savory Traditional Snack Mix is a taste of nostalgia, blending a medley of traditional flavors that have been enjoyed for generations. Each bite is a comforting reminder of snacking traditions.

🥨 Crunchy Variety: The mix features a delightful assortment of textures, from Chex cereal squares to pretzels and crackers. It's the perfect combination of crunch and flavor in every handful.

ğŸŽ‰ Versatile Snacking: Whether you're relaxing at home, hitting the road, or hosting a get-together, Chex Mix is a versatile and beloved snack that suits any occasion.

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