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Crystal Light Natural Lemonade Drink Mix (12 x 53g)

Hey there, Lemonade Aficionados! 🍋🌿 Elevate your hydration game with Crystal Light's Natural Lemonade Drink Mix. Here's your treasure chest of 12 convenient packets, each containing 53g of liquid refreshment in powdered form, a blend of real lemon flavor and the simplicity of natural ingredients that transforms your water into a crisp and revitalizing lemonade.

Pure Lemonade Bliss:

  • 🍋 Real Lemon Zest: Savor the authentic zest of real lemons, a flavor that's as bright and sunny as a lemon grove in full bloom.
  • 🌿 Nature's Harmony: Enjoy lemonade made with natural ingredients, a classic taste that never goes out of style.
  • 📦 A Dozen Packets of Refreshment: With 12 convenient packets, you're set for countless moments of lemonade enjoyment, whether it's a daily sip or for special occasions.
  • 🌟 Crystal Light's Legacy: A brand celebrated for crafting refreshing elixirs that transform your hydration experience.
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