El Yucateco

El Yucateco Red Salsa Picante De Chile Habanero Hot Sauce (12 x 120ml)

Hello, Heat Seekers! 🌶️🔥 Prepare your taste buds for an inferno of flavor with El Yucateco Red Salsa Picante De Chile Habanero Hot Sauce. Here's your treasure trove of 12 bottles, each containing 120ml of liquid fire, a blend of fiery habanero peppers that ignites your dishes with a bold and unforgettable taste.

Fiery Flavor Explosion:

  • 🌶️ Habanero Heat: Savor the intense heat of habanero peppers, a flavor that's as fiery and bold as a Mexican sunset.
  • 🔥 Unforgettable Spice: This hot sauce adds a blaze of flavor to your dishes, turning every meal into a spicy adventure.
  • 📦 12 Bottles of Fire: With this generous supply, you're set for countless culinary escapades, infusing your cuisine with a touch of Mexican intensity.
  • 🌟 El Yucateco's Legacy: A brand celebrated for its iconic hot sauces that have been spicing up meals for generations, now ready to bring the heat to your kitchen.
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