Ice Breaker Spearmint Sugar Free Mints (8 x 43g)

Introducing the refreshing Ice Breaker Spearmint Sugar-Free Mints in a convenient bundle of 8 packs, each containing 43g of minty goodness. These mints are the perfect way to keep your breath fresh on-the-go, without the guilt of added sugar.

Key Features:

✨ Sugar-Free: Enjoy the delightful spearmint flavor without worrying about sugar intake.

🌿 Fresh Breath Anytime: Pop one of these mints for instant freshness after meals, coffee, or whenever you need a pick-me-up.

💼 Convenient Packaging: Each pack is pocket-sized, making it easy to carry with you throughout the day.

❄️ Cool Spearmint Flavor: Experience a burst of coolness with every mint, leaving your mouth feeling revitalized.

👌 Trusted Brand: Ice Breaker is known for quality mints that deliver a satisfying taste and long-lasting freshness.

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