Snapple Zero Sugar Peach Tea (24 x 473ml)

Hey, Tea Aficionados! 🍑☕ Delight in the pure essence of peaches with Snapple's Zero Sugar Peach Tea. Here's your treasure trove of 24 refreshing bottles, each containing 473ml of liquid refreshment, a harmonious blend of real brewed tea and the naturally sweet allure of peaches, now with zero sugar.

Peachy Elegance:

  • 🍑 Real Peach Symphony: Savor the symphony of ripe peaches, a flavor so authentic it's like sipping from an orchard.
  • ☕ Tea's Tranquility: The real brewed tea base adds a touch of sophistication, creating a tea experience that's both classic and guilt-free.
  • 📦 Two Dozen Sips of Goodness: With 24 bottles at your disposal, your journey through naturally sweet refreshment is endless.
  • 🌟 Snapple's Legacy: A brand celebrated for bottling the essence of real flavors in every bottle.
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