Hot Tamales

Hot Tamales BULK Original 5LB (1 x 2.26Kg)

Indulge in the fiery flavor of Hot Tamales Original candies with our 5LB bulk pack (equivalent to 2.26Kg)! These iconic cinnamon-flavored chewy candies are a spicy twist on classic candy favorites.

🔥 Heat-Seeker's Delight: Hot Tamales are known for their bold and intense cinnamon taste. Each bite is packed with a burst of fiery flavor that's perfect for those who crave a little spice in their snacks.

💥 Bulk Bliss: Our 5LB (2.26Kg) bulk pack is perfect for candy lovers, party planners, and snack enthusiasts. Share the sizzle with friends and family or keep a stash for yourself – there's plenty to go around!

🍬 Chewy Goodness: Hot Tamales have a satisfying chewiness that keeps you coming back for more. The texture and taste make them an unforgettable snack experience.

ğŸŽ‰ Versatile Snacking: Whether you're watching a movie, celebrating a special occasion, or just satisfying your sweet tooth, Hot Tamales are a fantastic choice. They're also great for decorating desserts and cakes!

📦 Convenient Packaging: Our bulk packaging ensures you have plenty of Hot Tamales to enjoy. The resealable bag helps keep your candies fresh between snacking sessions.

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