Celtic Sea Salt

CELTIC SEA SALT® Organic Lemon Pepper Seasonings (6 x 62g)

Embrace the Essence of Zesty Organic Delight!

CELTIC SEA SALT® Organic Lemon Pepper Seasonings are your culinary secret to infusing dishes with a burst of tangy, peppery, and citrusy goodness. This bundle includes six 62g shakers, each filled with the harmonious blend of organic ingredients that will elevate your meals to a new level of taste.

Why CELTIC SEA SALT® Organic Lemon Pepper Seasonings are a Kitchen Essential:

  • 🍋 Lively Lemon Zest: Crafted with organic lemon peel, this seasoning delivers the bright, fresh essence of lemons that perfectly balances the robust pepperiness.
  • 🌱 Certified Organic: Made from the finest organic ingredients, free from pesticides and additives, ensuring the purest, most natural flavor enhancement.
  • 🧂 Versatile Seasoning: Perfectly pairs with a variety of dishes - from grilled chicken and seafood to roasted vegetables and salads, adding a zing of organic flavor.
  • 📦 Six Shakers for Convenience: With six shakers in this bundle, you'll always have the zestful essence of organic lemon pepper at your fingertips.
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Serving Size 0.25 tsp
Calories 10
Sodium 65mg
Protein 0g
Garlic Granules*, Lemon Peel*, Black Pepper*, Celtic Sea Salt*

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